Maranello – Town of Infinite Red

“Ask a child to draw a car

Certainly he will do it red.” Enzo Ferrari

At a distance of about 136 km from the city of Florence, Maranello would have been like any other serene little town with classic European natural beauty if not for the renowned Ferrari Museum. Situated in northern Italy, Maranello has become the dream destination of all car lovers. This place is the result of imagination, zeal and hard work of one single man, Enzo Ferrari, the Godfather of all cars makers.

At the very centre of the entrance to the museum cum factory is the iconic symbol of the Prancing Horse in silver. Its elegant stance emits power, passion and prestige. Tickets can be purchased either online or over the counter for € 16,00. The museum welcomes visitors throughout the week.

On entering the museum, you feel like you have crossed over the threshold to another world. The cars on display are not only mindboggling but awe inspiring. The dominance of ‘red’ colour is very evident. The museum tells the stories of Ferrari from its birth till date. Visitors can immerse themselves into the past, present and even future of the legendary mean machine and the many lives that it has touched and transformed. Names like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Rubens Barrichello and many more of the Grand Prix are written in gold here.

History of Ferrari and the town of Maranello dates back as early as World War II. Initially the factory was based out of Modena. Later due to the ravages of war it was shifted to Maranello.

The huge array of Formula One cars recounts the creative genius and engineering skill of these exceptional cars. Behind each car’s sheer exterior beauty lie the intricate technical design process and a keen eye of the creators. Each one a masterpiece unto itself.

To add on to the heart pumping exhilaration of the visitors, the Museum also offers a lifetime experience to taste the adrenaline rush on simulation on real Ferrari for those who crave for the thrill of speed and driving a real F1.

Enzo Ferrari’s dream has lived beyond his lifespan to gift us with his incredible creation. Celebrating its 70th Anniversary Ferrari Museum of Maranello offers an insight into the life and making of one of the most celebrated sports car of all time to come, Ferrari!

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