Interlaken – Why is it Bollywood’s Own Love Story

Heroines dancing in the snow wearing a sari against the panoramic view of the gorgeous Swiss Alps are something of a Bollywood cliche that every Indians can relate to. DDLJ or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the longest running movie in the history of Indian cinema is a blockbuster that has left marks in the hearts of every Indians. The alluring beauty of the mighty Alps has caught the vivid imagination of Bollywood long back. It was through their camera lens, artful directions, soulful songs and meaningful yet dramatic scripts that the love for Switzerland was born in the hearts of the citizens.

Situated on a narrow stretch of valley between the emerald lakes of Thun and Brienz, Interlaken is one such popular destination. Whereas most of the places in Switzerland are cosmopolitan, Interlaken is like a home away from home for Indian tourists. Spending couple of hours (on your way back from Jung Frau) will be enough for you to immerse into the spirit of the place. Strolling down the concrete road it is amazing to find more Indian faces than Europeans.

The tranquility of the place is bound to touch your heart. Depending on the time of your visit you will undoubtedly find yourself welcomed amidst the plethora of colorful flowers in every corner of the street. It is indeed as if the romance is in the air.

Talking of Bollywood you must visit the garden that pays homage to one of the greatest directors that the film industry has ever seen, Yash Chopra. The beautiful garden at display will surely transport you to the shooting of a film. Humbled with the recognition that this place has given to an Indian, you are bound to find an instant connection to your roots.

At a stone throw distance from the garden is the St Joseph Catholic Church. Surrounded with well-manicured garden, the church is a picture perfect postcard right out of the eighteenth century. Contrary to the stone outer wall, the inside is modern and austere. Whitewashed walls illuminated with the colorful display of lights from colored glass will leave you mesmerized. It acts as a catalyst to your desire to spend more time in the place.

The romance for Bollywood is so addictive in Interlaken that you cannot help but fall in love with the place whether you are an Indian or not. It will leave you breathless and wanting for more with the mist covered green mountains looming in the horizon, horse drawn medieval carriages and sumptuous platter from every corner of the world. Interlaken is indeed enticing with all its magical realities at disposal for everyone who visits her.

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