Austria – A Diamond for Everyone

When the talent of a man finds true vent, the outcome is always dazzling. Here when I say ‘dazzling’ I literally mean the eye catching, extraordinary sparkle that leaves anyone and everyone overwhelmed and dazed. And the man here I am talking about is none other than Daniel Swarovski, the man who gave the world a glitzy affair to fall in love with.

Today the name and fame of ‘Swarovski’ is widespread and well known. The brilliance of Swarovski has spread far and wide to touch every corner of the world. Born to a humble family of glass cutter, Daniel popularised an affordable gem for all. Swarovski has found its home in Austria.

 With the snow covered peaks of the Alps, bordering the periphery of the small village Wattans, Austria, houses the world known crystal glass company in the name of its founder Swarovski. The sprawling garden is a fusion of artistic mind and natural beauty. It is hard to miss the iconic Giant which has come to be symbolised with the very place. The fiery red pond beneath the emerald face of the Giant forms a bright contrast. Story has it that the Giant had set out to experience the world and all of its treasures and wonders. With this knowledge, the Giant settled down in Wattens, where he has watched over his Chambers of Wonder ever since. These chambers open up into a world beyond man’s mere perception into the real wonder world of imagination and utter grandeur.

 The realm of the Giant is a world of fantasy unto itself. Dreams and imaginations of the world’s greatest artists has transcended into sixteen miracle rooms. Each chamber is as fascinating as their names like Silent Night, Ice Passage etc. of timeless beauty of crystalline masterpieces. Walking down from one room to the other, it is easy to get caught up in the magic of the place. Each room tells a story that mesmerises all. At the end of the walk through the stunning rooms, opens up into a large store. Beware all women a true paradise awaits you all.

Swarovski is indeed a ‘Diamond for everyone’ and Austria is the hub where the dream for affordable diamonds is born. The place can be visited between 8:30AM in the morning to 7:30PM in the evening for a ticket price of 19 Euro.

Austria reminds everyone is that even dreams can be given moulded into reality, only if one dares to dream!

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