Titlis – Why is it a place where Angels come to play?

The best view comes after reaching the heights

The metal chains of the suspension bridge will clink and clank under your weight. Gently swaying in the chilly breeze, feeling a whooshing sensation accompanied with a riot in the pit of your stomach should not bring a surprise.

Often you will find tourists walking across the bridge appear to be like an apparition, fading in and out of the heavy fog that surrounds the famous Cliff Walk. You can hardly see anything beyond a meter on any given normal day.

Cliff Walk – Fading away into the mist

Located at 10623 feet on Uri Alps, normal on Mount Titlis means to get caught up in a continuous play of dense mists and intermittent dazzling sunlight reflecting off the pure white virgin snow like thousands watt of electrical lights.

Your onward journey will take you over the suspension bridge of Mount Titlis hangs eerily over the grey abyss. Every step you take here is an adventure in itself, for you do not know what you will see or experience next. And that often leaves you curious as to what lies beyond that muted haze.

The mountains are barely visible underneath the thick white cloak of snow that covers the land all the way your eyes go. Only at times when the fog clears you might catch a quick glimpse of patches of browns hidden in between the whites.

World’s first rotating cable car

Embraced by the breath-taking Alps you can reach the top of Titlis on the world’s first rotating cable car. The ride will surely take you on a memorable journey through snow laden alpine pine and never ending snow land.

One of the exhilarating experiences which you can have in Titlis is walking through the Glacier Cave via an underground tunnel. With voices of excited tourists echoing down the rock cut corridors while you try to keep your balance on the slippery floor, you will surely find much laughter, joy and memorable moments at its every bend.

Snow and snow everywhere

A wide range of snow sports are offered on the mountain top to those adrenaline pumped hearts who dare accept the challenges. And if you do not fall under that category you can always simply choose to roll and play in the snow to your own delight.

It is guaranteed that even before you know your day will pass without any realization of the hours. There are options to stay back in Engelberg if you like of course.

Uri Alps

But whenever you choose to leave, you cannot help but have one last look at the surrounding panoramic view and know instinctively that yes maybe somewhere amongst these dreamy snow-capped peaks angel do come to play. 

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