Angkor Wat – Is She a Lost Poem?

Listen to her poem

From amongst the misty haze, she emerges like a poem, gradually laying brick by brick details for you to read. She is such that any words of adjective will fall short if one tries to confine her within the human boundary of description and fail to do the right justice.

She is the fierce national pride of Cambodia, Angkor Wat.

As you enter the region the smell of virgin forest will rush at you with a heady sweetness. A mixed fragrance of the wildflowers and the foliage will linger like a constant reminder, that you have entered an abode of unreal reality.

Forests are said to have their own sense of sound. If you listen keenly past the chirping of the unseen birds and animated chattering of the monkeys, the forest will respond back to you, even if you care enough to say just a short ‘hello’.

The secret lies within

From the moment you step into this heavenly world, you will be lost in a continuous hide and seek game where the sun like a carefree child trickles down shyly to touch the humble stone courtyard lying at your feet, following your every step.

Built in the 12th century by Suryavarman II Angkor Wat is an architectural poem, which mankind had forgotten for sometimes to recite. Every single inch of the Temple is like a lyrical moving poem that takes you through the great Hindu Epic of Ramayana, mythical legends and much more than your expectations.

Dancing forever

Walking through the entrance till the final main tower will categorically take you through the four ages (Yugas) of Hindu until you reach what can be defined as the beginning of time. The Temple in itself is like a parallel universe that represents man, time and what lies beyond on this earth.

Her every detail will leave you mesmerized, wanting for more. But then she has far more to offer than what your brain could possibly process on a single visit. She is like someone to whom you want to keep going back, again and again only to start reading from the first lines to make sense of the secrets that lie deep within her.

Reminding you to see always

Angkor Wat possesses the magical potion of making you long to return back to her.

And every time you go back you are bound to discover at least one aspect which had remained unseen or unheard about her in your earlier visit. Not necessarily you do that physically every time, which might not be possible. You can revisit her through the pictures that you might have clicked or read about her to dig deeper into her mysteries.

Seeing is discovering

Probably for this continuous musing with Angkor Wat will make you realize that she was never lost or forgotten. She only wants to be recited repeatedly through ages as she has always been since the first brick was laid.

2 thoughts on “Angkor Wat – Is She a Lost Poem?

  1. Very good post. Highly informative for travellers who want to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Keep up the good work.


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