Singapore’s Universal Studio – Where the Child in you comes Alive

At the entrance of Universal Studio, Singapore

How many of you have inwardly sighed and told yourself, ‘Childhood was the best time ever’?

Well, I am sure indeed it was and there will be many who think the same. No matter what our age is we always yearn to go back being a child again. Away from worries of adulthood and complex lifestyle, a child is free and that is what probably attracts us the most. But most of us fail to understand that even if we have grown up the child in us lives forever.

If there is a place where we could all be a child where would it be? 

Made from the fragments of imagination, with a touch of the glamorous Hollywood; a hint of the Ancient Egypt; a pinch of Dreamwork’s wishful Far Far Away Castle and a piece of the long lost Jurassic World is the place you must visit.

Far Far Away Castle

The Universal Studio on Sentosa Island of Singapore lets the child in you escape.

Whether you are an ardent follower of the de facto leader of autobots Optimus Prime from Transformers or an admirer of the bubbly barely intelligible yellow minions from Despicable Me it does not matter for this is the place for all to go berserk.

Minion and Me

With mist spraying at the quintessential structure of the globe at the entrance, you will be ready to step into a world fired by both reality and fantasy. Universal Studio will gift you with near-real experience of your imagination from deep within.

Divided strategically into seven different real and unreal worlds, Universal Studio will let you weave in and out of your fascination building up on your curiosity at every turn. There will be riot amongst all your five senses for sure. As your eyes try to take in all the burst of colours around you, you surely can’t ignore the buttery smell of a perfect popcorn being popped in some corner. There will be music in the air and spring in your every step without you knowing. Entertainers dressed in jolly clothes will be attending to your laughter as if that is all that matters in the world. And isn’t it true? What is better than to freely laugh out loud?

Egyptian Corner – Revenge of the Mummy

A trip to the Universal Studio will leave you at your dramatic accelerated high. You can definitely feel the buzz inside of being a child. With all the adrenaline pumping actions of the day, you will want to come back again and again.

It is nearly impossible to cover the Universal Studio entirely in one visit. You practically need a couple of days to discover what this fulfilled entertainment zone has in store for you. And wouldn’t that be amazing if you could go back again and again to be the child you always wanted to be?

4 thoughts on “Singapore’s Universal Studio – Where the Child in you comes Alive

  1. This is one place I missed going to in Singapore…. This would be on top in my list of places to visit in the near future 🤘😊 loved ur writing btw 🤘👌😊


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