Golden Roof – Where your soul will dazzle

A view of the Golden Roof from the courtyard below

As you arch your back and take in the view your eyes will catch the golden glint immediately. Depending on the time of your visit when the sun is still up more than one of the 2657 fire gilded tiles are sure to lit up like solid bars of gold and so will your eyes. As a slice of the sun catches the small jutted out inclined roof of the Goldenes Dachl or the Golden Roof you will know for sure why it is so named.

Situated in an unassuming neighbourhood that can be reached by following the constricted cobbled alley it is nearly impossible to imagine that there could be such an important building situated right in the heart of the city if Innsbruck.

Neighbourhood Alley

Surrounded by brightly coloured medieval stone housing complexes this building undoubtedly stands out with its one of its kind veranda. Constructed in the early 15th century for the royal family, this balcony was used as a connection between the royals and common folks. The king is said to watch his men from this elevated podium.

Besides the dazzling roof, the rich coloured portraits depicting the royalty and the wooden windows adorned with vivid flowers will not go unnoticed.

Wall paintings on the balcony of Golden Roof

Story has it that Emperor Maximillian I had commissioned the building of this one of its kind balcony during his marriage to Bianca Maria Sforza. The royals would be found enjoying festivals, tournaments and concerts that were conducted in the courtyard below.

The ornately decorated building is not only a famous tourist destination in Austria but also a symbol of the city. Golden Roof can be said to have witnessed numerous events that had marked Innsbruck.

A casual stroll in the courtyard

Today the building of Golden Roof houses a museum inside which serves as a time capsule. With contemporary exhibits and interesting texts, it will give you a glimpse of the then royal life. The tiny cafes that line up the lanes will allow you to sit and enjoy the simple yet sophisticated life that the locals are proud of in between the aroma of a perfectly brewed coffee and croissant.

Cafe entrance

Visiting Golden Roof will take you on a journey where time stands still only to shine upon an era long gone yet preserved so beautifully. It is like a perfect old picture in a modern frame.

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  1. Very good post. Highly informative for travellers who want to visit the Golden Roof. Keep up the good work.


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