Jungfraujoch – Chronicle of a Mother Queen

The crowning glory of Jungfraujoch

All alone the Snow Queen has been standing there for ages. But reaching her was not easy. It is only about 120 years ago that man succeeded in befriending her and she has not disappointed anyone since then.

With her white gown of snow glistening till the horizon catching occasional sunlight only to spark off silvery flashes, her head held high to form the crowning glory of ‘Top of Europe’, Jungfraujoch of Switzerland is as regal as any queen should be. She is an epitome of the beauty of Mother Nature at her best. Frozen for eternity in the land of snow, ice and cold, here you as a man can pay homage to a Queen and a Mother both.

The Virgin Paradise

Jungfraujoch literally translates to mean the ‘Maiden’ or ‘Virgin’.  Her poignant grace and splendor can be felt in the delicate piece of silence that you hold as you watch her in complete awe. While your eyes scan the gift of magnificence that she presents to you, you cannot help but hold your breath for few a seconds.

Heading towards Top of Europe

The whiteness surrounding you will dazzle your brain, numbing all other senses except for the chill that you can feel at the tip of your nose. When inhaled deeply even the snow seems to have a distinct smell here, bland with a hint of sweetness. Despite all the tourists that throng here, there will surely be a moment when you will be swept by a calming sensation.

Sphinx Observatory

At an elevation of 3,466 meters, Jungfraujoch houses the Sphinx Observatory, which is the highest astronomical observatory in the world. Standing here under the blanket of hazy mist that caresses the chestnut brown mountains, you shall feel much closer to Jungfraujoch, especially, while staring out at the vast ‘nothingness’ you will still know that it is ‘everything.’

Gearing up for adventure sports below

This ‘slice of the Alps’ with its perfect backdrop of paradise provides an array of various winter sports adventures. To tickle the wilderness inside, you can always opt for the heart pumping skies or a milder experience at the snow parks. Jungfraujoch carries with herself her own share of adventure and will always leave you breathless wanting for more.

Inside the ice cave

A day spent at Jungfraujoch is enough to reign your heart forever. Her chastity, pristine and flawless soul will touch your heart’s deepest part which probably you never knew existed before. There she shall connect with you forever. And in all your humility as you stand in front of the Snow Queen of Jungfaujoch, you are sure to hear her voice saying “komm wieder” (come again!)

One thought on “Jungfraujoch – Chronicle of a Mother Queen

  1. I feel like I was transported to this magical place for the length of time when I was reading your travelogue. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experiences in such a heartfelt way.


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