Arc De Triomphe – Where Unknowns are not Forgotten

In front of Arc De Triomphe

No matter what time of the day it is a constant flow of traffic swirls past the Arc De Triomphe seamlessly and tirelessly. Situated right in the middle of a pulsating juncture of Paris this arch stands with profound dignity and pride reminding all of the martyrs whose name has been written down forever.

Every life matters. Every sacrifice counts. For no life laid for your country goes in vain. With the ever-burning memorial flame at Arc De Triomphe, you shall be reminded of the 660 souls who are still remembered today.

National Monument

Yet what’s in a name?

Arch De Triomphe honours the unknown soldiers. They came, they fought and they lost their lives. Be it during the French Revolution, Napoleonic War or World War I. Their valiant gestures did not go unnoticed and Emperor Napoleon commissioned the construction of the Arc.

Over the period of time the people of Paris and also all over the world have given the due to these unknown soldiers. The Arc symbolises respect, adoration and admiration to soldiers without faces.

The grand arches

Paris has layers and layers of adventures wrapped up within her. As you take your time to unveil each one of them you will realise Arc De Triomphe cannot be ignored. Your visit to the Arch will undoubtedly make you bow your head to history, artistry and the sentiment of Paris.

Even with the buzzing traffic, tourist and commotion, the Arc stands solemnly, reminding that in every chaos there is tranquillity. Standing majestically on the four colossal columns the arc towers over all the surrounding buildings and is one of the tallest triumphal arches. As you find yourself in its vicinity the grandeur and delicate yet precise sculptures will amaze you. The Arc together with the 12 avenues that radiate forms the juncture of a ‘star’ when seen from above.

Sculptures on the wall of Arc De Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe is not just a monument rather it is an emotion of the people who keeps reminding us time and again that unknowns are merely not forgotten but are celebrated here.

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