Dhow Cruise, Dubai Creek – Let this be your next story

Dhow Cruise of Dubai Creek

Some stories begin with a journey and some journeys begin with a story. So here is a story for you from the Dubai Creek.

The time is dusk. Washed in the honey glow of the setting sun, it is at this time when an unknown sweetness will gently creep into you, compelling you to pause for a moment. So you better hold unto that time and familiarise yourself, for it will not last long.

Dubai local market

The Creek is a hive of activities in Dubai. It is lively, bustling and frenzied. Anything remotely near to ‘stillness’ is a rare occurrence. Yet at times without letting you know the tranquility sets in. By now the air might have lost the hint of the day’s heat and mixes with the soothing wind like a delicious cocktail. As you inhale into the intoxicating surrounding some things will not go unnoticed by you.

You will find that the cackling of the seagulls reminds you of the joy of returning home, in the call for evening prayer from the nearby mosque will awake a soulful reverence deep within you and in the hawker’s cry of plea you will discover the delight for buying something new. In all the commotion around you, there is still calmness.

Let life be like a cruise

Keeping all the noisy affairs behind if you shift your attention above you will see the tiny stars appearing on the darkening sky and along with the astral phenomenon the city lights will light up one by one adding to the dazzle. An ultra-modern new world of concrete will sparkle right before your eyes in perfect brilliance.

Amidst all these, you should be ready to take your Dhow Cruise along the Dubai Marina. So what are you waiting for? Just get on one of the most romantic cruises ever.

View from Dubai Marina

With brightly lit fairy lights, robust music and a wide arrangement of food you will be left anything but contended on Dhow Cruise. You will get a chance to experience modernity in all its diversity.

Tanoura dancer

As you sit and enjoy your cruise, the city of Dubai will slowly follow you with its thousand lights until your attention is captivated by the mystic tanoura dancer. Their psychedelic skirt flaring up with every whirl will blend all the colours in one dizzying effect, sometimes lighting up with blue LED droplets. All you can see now is a large blue ring of fire.  The deep and profound Arabic folksong intensifying to its crescendo will not be able to drown the sudden gasp from the tourists as well as you. You will realise that with his every twirl he creates a story, a story just for you to remember.

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