Kolaghat – Where you don’t need planning

Early morning walk by Roopnarayan river

Travelling cannot be measured either by the distance covered, days spent or the number of places visited. However, one can definitely relate it with the extent of experience gained or the happiness of the memories made. Sometimes even a weekend getaway can give equal joy compared to a long vacation.

Very close to the heart of City of Joy, Kolkata there is a serene escapade waiting for all as a real breather. Kolaghat. So whenever your mind is clogged from the numbing city-life, book a cab or simply drive away to this place.

Fading power development zone behind

Despite being a power development zone of Bengal, Kolaghat has managed to escape from the hungry mouth of monstrous urbanization. The abundance of greeneries has flourished freely here. The picturesque beauty will definitely take your breath away as the air here still carries the freshness of an uncomplicated lifestyle. And the best attraction being the Roopnarayan River you can easily find yourself lost amidst Mother Nature.

Some fun and frolic

Silent, still and serene best describes the river as she spread herself before you like a lady in shining attire. As you walk down her side you can easily leave behind all your worries and just be yourself for a change.

Kolaghat will present you with a simple, easy-going and modest life of the locals. Famous for its cheery fish markets and colourful flower arcades, you enjoy the delightful river fish cuisines. The demand for good quality fish from Kolaghat is so much that people travel from Kolkata just to buy them from here.

Birds on wetland of Roopnarayan River

So close to Kolkata yet so different, Kolaghat reminds you that short travel is no less important. A travel is after all a travel, meant to do what it does the best, recharge our souls. Such places are rather easily accessible and do not involve much planning or expenditure.

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