Vietnam – A nation of culinary delight

Deep fried spring rolls

Food is one thing that connects man. If you are a food connoisseur then Vietnam is one country that should top your bucket list of travel. It is through your food trail that you shall discover and connect intimately with the country.

Vietnam will not disappoint your taste buds rather it will tickle those gastronome senses probably lying dormant inside you for a very long time. Your journey of palate should begin with exploring some local restaurants, followed by experimentation with street food and end with an authentic cruise dinner along the Mekong River.

Sticky rice cake

No matter which eateries you visit, you will always be greeted with a raw yet fresh smell of seafood with a hint of soya sauce. Unconsciously your stomach might just grumble increasing your hunger a little notch higher. Your option for food will be wide. From steamy hot noodle soups to delicately wrapped rice paper spring rolls, from caramelized fish served in a clay pot to banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice cakes. The list is so long that you can never have enough of all the options.

Busy street side eatery

Coming to Vietnamese street foods, they are simple and uncomplicated. Their flavours will sneak into your heart and explode like a warm and fuzzy feeling. Your gastronomic expedition can drive you to places you might not have imagined about. Some unusual street foods that are worth mentioning to keep your curiosity high are egg coffee, vermicelli with fried tofu and fermented shrimp paste or even sea snails.

Cruises getting ready for the night

One of the ways to awaken your gourmet delight in Vietnam is to venture on a cruise ship. The large assortments of mouth-watering food that are laid before you on these is sufficient to experience a never before kind of euphoria. While you enjoy your food the ship will take you along the river giving you a panoramic view of the city.

Bon appetit

Vietnam lets you romanticize yourself with your own culinary delight. Your journey to this country will leave you wanting for more for sure.

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