Montparnasse – A Moment in Paris

View from Montparnasse Tower

Paris leaves you with moments, thousands of them.

While travelling you might not be able to grasp all of them as this city surely knows to keep you on your toes. But then later on in all your solitude, you will recall them one by one.

One such moment will belong to your visit to the Montparnasse Tower. In a blink of your eye within 38 seconds, you will reach the 56th floor of this building’s observatory deck where the magic of Paris awaits you in her full regalia. Each hour of the day has its own charm that can be experienced from the Tower.

Entrance to Montparnasse Tower

But it is the sunset that captivates the most. As you walk down the length of the deck drenched in the golden glow of the last rays of the sun a tangible silence will follow you until you reach the very edge of the open-air terrace. For here you are sure to hear yourself gasp!

Right there in front of you, the city of Paris dazzles up at you. Time will standstill but your thoughts won’t.

Living my moment in Paris

Paris is like Marilyn Monroe of Europe. She creeps into your imagination like a drug, leaving you intoxicated and wanting for more. By now the faded sunlight will have gradually disappeared leaving behind only the pale hues of the last lights. Like a playful child with scattered toys all around, Paris will appear to be as sprinkled till the horizon. Leave the world outside and gaze deep into the heart of Paris.

The view alone is titillating enough to let you have a moment of your own.

City of Paris

Lost in your moment suddenly the veil of silence will be lifted and you get to hear Paris. You can hear her laughter amongst the tourists’ rendezvous, you can hear her whisper romantically in the sir, you can hear her sigh from the River Seine and most of all you can hear her from deep within you.

So, hold the night in your palm like a tiny glowing lamp and let its warmth seep into your soul for this night for many days to come will be the moment for you.

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