Eiffel Tower – Hopelessly in Love

Come and fall in love

What can you build with 2.5 million rivets, 18000 metallic parts and 20,000 light bulbs?

Well, the Eiffel Tower of course!

Paris leaves you hopeless romantic even if you are not. Everything you experience in Paris will remain etched with a tinge of red forever. And no wonder it is known as the City of Love. The moment you set your foot in Paris you will be besotted.

In memory of Gustave Eiffel

From the cozy little cafes by the crescent of a boulevard to the elegant bistros meant for more formal dining, from the nearly hidden perfumeries on an otherwise busy street to the swanky chic shops selling high-end products of fashion Paris is always buzzing with an unidentified electrifying energy of love. It is as if Paris exists to cater to all your dreams and expectation.

Like the moon is to the sky, Eiffel Tower is to Paris. The pride of the city stands with its head held high in the sky. The first time you set your eyes on this majestic wrought iron lattice tower you will know your life as a traveler is justified.

Upfront view

As you stand with your back arched looking up the stately tower you will for sure feel a shiver run down your spine. The sheer delight of viewing one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world will make you realize that not all those who travel are travelers, only those who get lost in the moment of discovery like this are travelers. And standing in front of the most famous iconic structure of the world you will get lost no matter what.

Close-up of the Eiffel Tower

And then begins your real journey of discovering the Eiffel Tower as you climb up with a heart-pounding in anticipation of discovery.

View from the top

Once on top, stand by the edge, look down and take in all that Paris has to offer you. With the breeze caressing your face let the chatter of the surrounding people drown. Let your eyes follow the patterns of the miniature buildings that appear to be nothing more than a toy village. Observe the running in and out the streets of the city only get lost somewhere beyond your vision. Let the meandering track of River Seine smiles up at you, reminding you again why you fell in love with Paris in the first place. And in that exact moment, you shall discover the true beauty of Paris and realize how hopeless in love you have fallen.

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