Traveling Redefined – Hit the Roads with Senior Citizens

Every journey has a story

Most of their hair is grey now. What remains black is the magic of hair color. But their enthusiasm about going on a vacation is unmatched.

Having traveled for years now, I discovered a unique joy in travelling with the gusto senior citizens of my family incomparable. The way we travel can be diverse. Some of us may be solo travelers while others like to travel with friends. Sometimes we might even indulge in travelling with our families but traveling exclusively with the senior citizens is way different and rewarding.

My dear Baba with a local – captured from my hotel room

Such traveling can be challenging for some but they come with such enriching experiences that they will leave you wanting for more. As we grow up we tend to drift away from those who once held our hands but such trips help us to come back and hold onto their hands once again, reminding us that whatever we are we are because of them.

Yes, some of them might have age-related health issues and need to check their stock of medicines first than worry about the itinerary. Yes, some of them might try to find excuses not to slow you down while traveling and avoid going altogether. Yes, some might require special assistance while traveling but then remember their hearts are younger than most of us and that will make your journeys worth a while.

My Strength

Every travel has taught me something. This time I learned that we need to travel with our vivacious senior folks more often. It is them who defines us and makes us who we are and these traveling create deeper bonds that otherwise we might miss out on life. After all, it is us who need them in our lives than vice versa. So my traveling got redefined what are you waiting for?

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