Singapore Night Safari – Door to the Other World

Waiting for the night to rise!

Night brings with it a willingness to be vulnerable.

All of us who are blessed with the power of life is vulnerable. It is not a bad thing only we need to know when to embrace it or let go. Singapore Night Safari will bring you face to face with a sort of vulnerability you probably want to hold onto. For life is here nothing less vulnerable.

Considered to be the first of its kind, the nocturnal zoo of Singapore lets you to walk right into the nightlife of those who are closest to nature than any one of us – animals. Alive and thriving in their natural habitat, here exists a different world. You come here to experience what you might otherwise not be aware of, the life of animals after dark.

Fire Jugglers at Singapore Night Safari

As the sky grows darker, a stroke of deeper blue each time until the blues are nearly lost into the black, there will be no dearth of entertainment for you at Singapore Night Safari, from fire juggling to hop on trams to take you around the place. Discover the beauty of a vast range of animal species at their natural best. Venture for activities like animal shows and have the opportunity to feed them. And soon you will realize, enraptured with the enormous power that a night beholds there is something carnal and earthy about this place. Everything seems blissful.

Crowd gather for animal show

Softly deftly the charm of the nocturnal zoo will possess you. Hear it closely and feel it to your bones. For senses you were never aware of before might just awaken and you will know for sure how much closer to nature you belong.

Blessed be the night

What Singapore’s Night Zoo offers you might be artificial and man-made but then again it is this man who made it possible to connect with a life that exists beyond the light of the day. And you will understand that the night has not fallen for you but instead has risen to mark a memorable chapter of your travel life, wishing you to seek what you most desire, your door to the other world.

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