Burj Khalifa – Stories of 160 Storeys!

A perfect skyline!

What would the world look like from 125th floor?

With every star that emerged in the sky, a thousand more electric lights came to life in the heart of Dubai. It’s been a while that the sun has bid adieu but the brilliance of your surroundings makes it brighter than any given day.

Yes, you are at none other than Burj Khalifa of Dubai. Ready to experience the world from the 125th floor! Even before you step in this building surely will make you bend your head back to its extreme and make you go woooow!

We are indeed very small

Whoosh…you won’t even have the time to blink your eyes before the elevator takes you up to your destination.

Kissing the sky where the first light of dawn and the last rays of dusk fleetingly pass by, this skyscraper is holding the title of being the tallest building in the world since 2010. At a whopping height of 2717 feet, it is man’s true manifestation of a dream to touch the sky whilst still standing on the ground.

A view from 125th floor

It is said that it has 160 stories for each of its 160 storeys. The architectural wonder drew its inspiration from Spider Lily. It is strange even to think that something as colossal as Burj Khalifa is the muse of a delicate flower. We do not realize it often but perhaps that it the power of man’s inspiration.

Amidst all the glitz and glitter you cannot ignore the wind on the open deck which by now would have played havoc with your hair. Placing your head against the cool protective glass of the observatory deck as you peer down your stomach will surely feel the butterflies. For all you see is a continuous molten flow of different shades of light, milky white, warm yellow, brilliant blue, dazzling green and flirty red.

Burj Khalifa at night

You might not realize but with your heart, mind and soul propelling forward in that speed of light, somewhere you too merge to become one of the stories Burj Khalifa.

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