Garden by the Bay – Where the starlit sky descends upon you

As the night falls at Garden by the Bay

Twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are?

Have you ever really wondered? If not then your answer lies in the city-island of Singapore. The Gardens by the Bay of Singapore has left its every visitor spellbound.  

View with the Marina Bay

Fashioned in the form of nature’s park Garden by the Bay creates a world of dreamy delight. Built to bring people closer to the beauty of nature it has transformed the city’s original plan to make a “Garden City” into “City in a Garden.” Amidst the abundant flora and fauna that enhances the magnificence of the garden, the numerous lights add to it a charismatic charm.

Exploring the starlit night

Under the canopy of the sky, be it day or night Garden by the Bay will let you walk right into the heart of a tropical forest. Amongst all the rich emeralds that surround you, the iridescent colors of the flowers will not go unnoticed. With three separate waterfront parks, there will be plenty for you to explore the scenic beauty. Each of these parks has its unique design, theme and character that allows you to indulge in the luxury of discovery of the place.

Singapore skyline in the night

Dreamily fading in and out, the fairy lights create a mesmerizing effect, blushing pink gives way to more daring electric blues. For once it is not difficult to believe in magic. With the tropical wind bringing in a hint of the smell of the sea, you can leave behind the world as you know only to enter where you will be lost within yourself only to be found once again with a renewed joy.

Lying down beneath the millions of twinkling lights you will feel as if someone has lowered the sky just for you. It is well within your hand’s reach. All you need to do is extend your hand and touch one of the stars!

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