Batu Cave – Nature’s Temple

At Batu Caves

Belief in the existence of God is controversial. Some of us do and some don’t. But the idea of it exists like the sound of the rains falling on a parched land or like the dreamy luminescence of the moonlight hanging delicately through the leaves of a tree.  

Lore Murugan

The existence of God was first felt in nature. And here in Batu Caves of Malaysia God is very close to nature. Considered as the resting place of Lord Murugan, it is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India.

The mammoth cave formation is over 400 million years and will leave you wordless as you come to realize how close you are to both nature and God here.

272 steps

At a staggering height of 140 feet, the golden statue of Lord Murugan at the entrance is a true god-like figure welcoming you to bring in your prayers whether you believe or not in God. The greys of the limestone hills and the greens of the vegetation form a perfect backdrop to the Almighty. As you climb the 272 steps you come a little closer to a natural wonder that has found the perfect place for God.

From inside the cave

Standing in the middle of the cave, with mighty rocks arching upward to reach the sky, as you look up you will feel the heavenly light shining down upon you. Even with the whispers of the tourists and devotees, the excited chatter of the monkeys and the shrill screeching of the bats, there is a calm that resides in this place. And that tranquillity gets transferred into your soul. Amongst all the sounds around you, the only one that will touch your heart directly is that of the chanting of prayers echoing around the ragged interiors, breaking down into thousands of pieces around you. This is when you become one with your surroundings. You will gradually hear the incantation rising to its crescendo. At an unseen elevated space, the words remain suspended momentarily, before cascading down washing you with a glow from deep within.

Lord Murugan Temple inside Batu Cave

It is here in Batu Caves that your prayers seek refuge between the nook and crannies of the stalactites and stalagmites. Resting there peacefully until it is heard by the Almighty. Rest assured it will be heard.

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