A Piece from Pisa – Meadow of Miracles

Have you ever had a weird desire of crossing the threshold of a framed picture, wanting to see what is there on the other side? Wondering if the imagination of the artist was just a mere imagination or a reality? Visiting Pisa will give you exactly that kind of feeling. The moment you step over the gates of the white-washed walls surrounding the 8.87 hectares area of the Meadow of Miracles, you will be transported to a different world.

With visitors casually sitting or lying on the well-manicured grass, enjoying fresh country air and the buttery soft rays of a late afternoon sun; with laughter of children mingling with the excited chatters of the tourists filling the air; with the four impressive buildings of finest architecture that the world has seen perfectly placed, Pisa is nothing but a superimposed picture of your impeccable imagination.

You will know instinctively that you are in the exact right place where the medieval age merged flawlessly with of the simplicity of the modern world.

Towering over the milling heads of the tourists the Tower of Pisa or the bell tower will undoubtedly be the first structure your eye catches. And believe me when I say you can’t help but tilt your head at an angle trying to align with bend of the Tower and smile!

A stroll in the square will take you on a memorable journey to the iconic buildings which bejewels the square. First is the Cathedral or Duomo Di Pisa which forms the center piece dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption. Following it is the Baptistery, in the memory of St. John the Baptist, where Galileo, the Father of Modern Physics was baptized. And last is the Campo Santo or Monumental Cemetery located in the north of the square.

Each of these structures forms the ‘Miracle’ of the meadow where clear azure sky meets evergreen grassland, instantly embracing you with a desire to stay longer and admire the beauty of creation by both God and man.

One experience that you cannot help escaping on your visit to Pisa is the giggles of tourists trying to be in the perfect frame of photography. With amusing illusion of pushing or pulling the Tower, funny poses by people will not miss your observation. And guess what you too cannot help but play the part.

Pisa with its effortless view and history will appeal you beyond your imagination. You will know at last you that have successfully crossed over that frame of your favorite picture to live it for real.

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