The marble will feel cool beneath your feet. A welcoming relief after the long bus ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and a hectic day around the city as a tourist.

You cannot stop your eyes from wandering around to take in the beauty of the place that surrounds you now. The sound of tourists subdued, will not reach your ears. And in that reverential hush, you may hear the One whom you have come to visit.

It is a place where the modern thinking of a man touches the feet of divinity in a most humble gesture; it is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Earlier if your tour around the capital city of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi leaves you wondering how mankind has been able to achieve the impossible feat of being an architectural genius. Now you will be confirmed that ‘impossibility’ is not a word in man’s dictionary where imagination and determination shakes hand.

A land that is primarily a dessert has evolved to be one of the top-ranking cities of the world. Today its skyline twinkles with impressive buildings and gigantic towers. In a matter of few hours, you can be transported from experiencing adrenaline-charged fun-filled rides of the Ferrari world to that of an eternal calmness and acceptance of greater good that Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has to offer.

Abu Dhabi is for sure man’s own playground. Man has created this city with much love and care.

The Mosque is one of those man-made structures which will lift up your spirit in great admiration and allow you to bow your head in true amazement of man’s creation at the same time. It is here where the mortal creator meets his own immortal creator.

The marble courtyard surrounding the Mosque is ornately decorated with stately minarets and lavish gardens with beautiful fountains. A walk around the mosque will reveal that it is a proud owner of the world’s largest carpet measuring 60570 square feet and the third largest Swarovski crystal studded chandelier in the world.

By the time your tour comes to an end you will be surprised to find that your fatigue of the day has actually faded into some oblivion.

By now the sun will have started to sink, painting the sky like a canvass with myriads of colours from the pallet of He who resides within the devout chambers. The golden yellow glow of tiny lights hidden in the nooks and corner of the Mosque will light it up like a magical palace. It is indeed a place fit for the heavenly king.

The homebound birds chirping across the purple sky will make you long to go home. And then suddenly you hear the call for the evening prayer and you will know for sure that you are already at home!

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