Bishnupur – Tuning in to the right station

Rasmancha – Outside and Inside

Very often than not each one of us needs to tune in to the right station of life. This is primarily to get rid of the unwanted static noise which engulfs us every day and helps us to focus on the intimate songs of our souls.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is by traveling. Now and then we need to awaken our traveler spirit and set out on a journey to find that one song to which we attune automatically. A place very close to the City of Joy, Kolkata that can provide such comfort to you easily is Bishnupur.

Jorebangla Temple

Just a couple of hour’s drive and Bishnupur allows you to shed behind all your qualms. This place is yet to be sucked into the endless vacuum of the World Wide Web. Being far from the tangles of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp this terrain of terracotta has survived a history that belongs to the 7th century. Bishnupur has a charismatic way of sweeping you up into its harmonic folds until you are one with the place.

Even in ruins faith is intact

Also known as Mallabhum, Bishnupur was primarily a Vaishnavite village. Temples of Bishnupur are a physical manifestation of the faith of the Malla dynasty. Over the years they have left behind a rich lineage of temples like that of Rasmancha, Jorebangla, Radha Madhav and many more depicting their sheer love and credence to a higher power. Bishnupur proves that temples or for that matter any religious places are only a place for worship but also an open book of the historical, political and social life of the time they were built in.

I found my song. Did you?

Bishnupur is beautiful not only for the exquisite craftsmanship on mere bricks of the local artisans which can still be found in the famous terracotta horses of the land or the Baluchari sarees or the school of music of the Bishnupur Gharana but for the abundant blessings of Mother Nature as well.

Bishnupur being more of a place of brick, kiln and earth will let you connect with your lost song effortlessly if you only permit it to by going beyond just traveling, thus making you soar higher where you find your true self.

2 thoughts on “Bishnupur – Tuning in to the right station

  1. Hey, thanks much for writing about this place… with brick, kilns and clay, you’ve given a different perspective to visiting this place.
    Keep writing..
    Much love,
    Hitha 🙂


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