Genting Malaysia – With Love, From World’s Largest Hotel

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We chased the clouds on our gondola. With every sweeping upward journey, we pierced right through them and reached a new height. Looking behind I saw the gap created in the clouds been refilled magically, removing all evidence of wear and tear. Occasionally my husband and I, could catch a glimpse of other gondolas. But mostly, we were on our own. Separated from all, precariously hanging on a single cable like a life line, we traveled up. Every time I thought “Now we have reached!” a new height swept up in front of us, to be conquered.

On reaching Kuala Lumpur, we had boarded a pre-booked taxi to Genting on a clear morning of March. On our way, we had witnessed the city-life giving way to the country side. Soon the magnificent high rises were replaced with the gentle slopes of Titiwangsa Mountains. Meandering through the serpentile road, we went on to discover a new land. It had taken us about an hour to reach our destination, Gohtong Jaya base station, which had an added attraction of shopping complex of its own. At a reasonable rate of RM6.30, we got to ride the famous Genting Skyway. Covering a distance of 3.38 km, it is one of the world’s longest and fastest ropeway rides. From here, we were on an upward journey towards the peak.

Sitting in the confining space of gondola, we were soon airborne. Once our gondola started to move forward, I gripped the edge of my seat with sheer excitement. This was my first ride on a ropeway and I could not help but flipped my head in every possible direction to take in the beauty that all around me. I was spellbound. Higher and higher we went. Wisps of clouds drifted past us in a game of catch-me-if-you can. I was tempted to put my hand out of the tiny window that opened out but did not, scared that it might shake the gondola. The merry sunshine played hide and seek through the tropical greenery. Turning everything it touched into gold, like the Midas touch. The wind whispered in my ears in a sing song way, telling the story of the new land I was about to discover.

Seeing the world below from a height of above 5000 feet was a sight to behold. It was as if God has laid down a treat for my soar eyes. If I had wings, I would fly for sure. Or maybe I was. For higher I went the blueness of the sky above me expanded beyond my line of vision. I could see the clouds floating leisurely. The thick growth of the tropical rainforest surrounded me. An amicable silence prevailed. I could hear the friendly chirp of the birds. Every where my eyes went, it was myriad shades of green. Soon enough I was way above the clouds. It was as if I was drifting in a surreal dream. All around me was nature at its best.

After a ride of nearly forty five minutes, the clouds lifted up its veil to and there in front of our eyes materialized two towering buildings. ‘Building’ is probably a wrong word, they were castles made out of rainbows. The sparkling bright colors reflected off the glass windows. The sprawling expanse of the hotel gradually revealed itself as the clouds cleared away and we started to descend. The world’s largest hotel, welcomed us to experience a never to be forgotten journey of our lives. She is a true world record holder. As mighty as she could be. With 7351 rooms she holds the prestigious Guinness World Record of being the largest hotel of the world.

As we entered the brightly lit foyer, I gasped at the extravaganza that surrounded us. The entire place was lighted up like a grand ballroom. I could not see the other end of it. I tip toed to catch a glimpse of the farthest end of it but my vision was restricted by the milling heads that crowded the place. The numerous reception counters that lined all the way were busy welcoming guests. We stood in a queue for registering. A very pleasant looking hotel staff greeted us and handed our keys to the room. The entire ground floor was a hub of activities. From food outlets to spa, from candy shops to shopping malls, everything under the sun was available.

Our room was tucked away in a corner on the 29th floor. Following the neon signs we found ourselves in a dim-lit corridor. The entire plaza is so huge; it is easy to get lost. Series of rooms bordered the corridor. Our room was cozy and warm.

After getting refreshed in our room, we ventured out to see the entire resort on foot. The grandeur that surrounded us was breathtaking. There was no lack of entertainment. There was so much to see and hear that we could not make up our minds where to go first. The resort had so much to offer for all age groups. There were the Ripley’s Museum, Snow World, karaoke joints, casinos, theme park and what not. Life never seemed to pause even for a second in this place. We had to call it a night after few hours. We were tired but happy to find ourselves as a part of the world’s largest hotel.

Next day morning as we walked down to find our way to the breakfast lounge, I happen to come across a large window. I walked up to it, and my gaze fell upon to the view below. From 29th floor it was simply amazing. The mountains rolled out towards the horizon. Tufts of clouds hung lazily. Everything below had turned miniature. I literally stood at the top of the world.

Some journeys are made while others simply happen. Our trip to Genting, Malaysia, was one such travel experience that happened to me. Although a very short trip, it left me with a craving for more such memorable discoveries of new places.

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