Gongoni – Nature’s Perfect Anomaly

If you were a painter, what kinds of colors would dominate your canvas? Something bold and deep or something subtle and harmonious? Now of course that depends on the kind of portrait you are creating. What if I say that there is one place, very near to Kolkata which will give you that perfect picture where you shall find harmony of all colors? It is Gongoni. The name might not be familiar to many but it is a perfect weekend getaway for those who want to experience nature very closely.

Gongoni, affectionately nicknamed the Grand Canyon of West Bengal has no similarity with the actual Grand Canyon. But nonetheless, the rocky formation if looked from certain angle, might give a hint that maybe nature wanted to gift a slice of one of the seven natural wonders of the world to those who might not have the chance to witness the real one in their entire lifetime.

It is said sunset is the best time to visit this place. As you stare at the glorious view ahead you will undoubtedly be lost in the perfect canvas of Gongoni.

It is here that the blues of the sky trickles down to meet the turquoise water of the Shilabati River. The warm granular yellow of the rocky gorge melts away into the tangerine orange where the curves of the canyon take a sharp turn. Here the tender greens of the scattered vegetation get lost beneath the dusty walkway. With monoliths and boulders of various shapes and sizes playfully strewn all around it is like God’s own playground.

Even with all the chaos with colors, the time eventually approaches when the sunlight gradually fades away, turning everything into a darker shade of palette until all that remains are the silhouette of the curvaceous rocks and the gentle murmur from the river bringing in the sweet earthy smell. A veil of silence descends upon all. This is when you realize that Gongoni is imperfectly perfect.

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