Hanoi – Where Puppets come Alive

Walking down the streets of Hanoi

Suddenly all the shuffling and muffled voices of the crowd in the darkened auditorium will fall silent. Everyone’s attention including yours will be drawn towards the quivering light that trembles slightly before focusing on the center of the small pool of water that forms the stage. On both sides at elevated stages the musicians and singers will be seated, ready to take you on a never-seen before journey.

Waiting to enter for the Puppet Show

A sudden bang on the gong will break the silence into thousand shards. The show is about to begin! Soon high pitched yet trilling notes from the iconic one-string instrument of Vietnam, Dan Bau will cascade down upon all. Awashing the surrounding into a languid fantasy, transporting all to a surreal world that is both melodious and magical.

Ready the unravel the magical world

As you watch curiously, the curtain on the backdrop of the stage will withdraw ever so gently like an uplifting veil. A queue of puppets will emerge dancing to the rhythm of the notes that by now must have filled the auditorium. You cannot help but hear a few gasps escaping from the audience.

Twirling and swaying the puppets will dance away, unfolding the rural folklore of Vietnam. A simple life projected in a simpler way will give you the chance to dive right into the heart of the country. Guilelessly the puppets will glide over the water bed, hovering in the misty light that floods the place in red blue green and yellow.

One-string instrument of Vietnam, Dan Bau

Who doesn’t like puppets? We all do! And for that reason, Hanoi of Vietnam is one of the best places for you to visit.

Enchanting as it may seem, the puppet history of Hanoi dates back thousand years. Like a sacred ritual, the tradition of puppeteering has been passed down for generations. Made of wood and lacquer each one of the puppets is unique just like us.

The Puppet Show

As time passes and you get caught up in the stories of the puppets, maybe you cannot help but wonder that these puppets are no different than us. After all, aren’t we all dancing to the muse of a greater power?

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