Kaleidoscope of Kolkata: Chapter 1 – Princep Ghat

Second Hoogly as seen from Princep Ghat

Kolkata is like a ragamuffin, whose innocence lingers at the periphery of her raggedness. The moment you step in the city you will know she can be mischievous and alluring at the same time. She has the heart of a young girl with the maturity of an elderly woman.

For most of the year-round it is hot, humid and even chaotic here. With protests, festivals, lockdowns and all possible chances of celebrations, Kolkata has always been the centre stage of many turmoil and yet there are times when Kolkata can be the safest and peaceful metropolitan of India. Kolkata’s air is always filled with a constant buzzing that never leaves her alone. And in no time you too will be caught up in her vibrant resonance. There many places scattered all over the city which soften her rough edges.

Cobbled pathway

On any given day your visit to the Princep Ghat near the banks of River Ganga can prove otherwise of this frenzied place. Here the sound of the city is muffled, more like a low hum of a background noise which can be ignored if you wanted to. Like a precious centerpiece of an expensive necklace, the peacefulness hangs delicately here. You can sense it, smell it and even savour it.

Discovering hometown

The ivory white porch with impressive pillars of Princep Ghat in the middle of a well-manicured garden carries the memories of the British Raj and is iconic to Kolkata. The plush emerald grass covers the garden like an expensive carpet. The Second Hoogly Bridge rises to touch the sky with great pride from behind the lone structural building. Bursts of laughter and excited chatters from people can have an infectious effect on you.

River Ganga

Take the shady cobbled pathway with the Ganga on one side and you will forget that you are in one of the busiest cities ever. In a number of places, concrete stairs run down to touch the cool water.  Standing here as you gaze upon the mighty river you can hear her sing. The sound of the gentle gurgling of the flowing water along with that of the wind carries her story. She has seen Kolkata born and grow up to be what she is today. Colourful boats tethering at the banks will beckon you to take a ride farther out where you will be at last alone with Ganga.

Ready for a ride

Princep Ghat provides an escape without actually letting you escape the real essence of the city. Rather it brings you closer to one of the real gem of the place. Your visit to this riverfront secluded place will leave you wanting more from this city. After all Kolkata is not just a city; Kolkata is an experience that needs to be lived! So whenever you can, take the hands of that little unruly girl, set out to explore and you shall never be disappointed.

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