Kishkindha – Where He still Lives

At the Anjaneya Hills Kishkindha

Many believe he still lives.

Through the pages of history, the words of wisdom from the great Hindu epic of Ramayana have trickled down. Time has moved on but the story of Lord Ram and his wife Sita has survived beyond it and still holds strong in the hearts of millions.  And one character from the epic that has intrigued the interest of many is that of Lord Hanuman, the monkey-king and his undying allegiance to Lord Ram. Shrouded in the mist of mysteries, the origin of this revered God of the Hindus still remains unclear.

Steps up to the top of Hills

However, it is in Kishkindha, situated along the Tungabhadra River of Karnataka, India, is where the stories of Lord Hanuman are believed to have originated. Considered to be the birthplace of Hanuman the wind of Kishkindha whispers tales of faith, reverence and belief of thousands. People throng here all year round just to pay their homage to the eternal Lord.

The first thing you will notice while walking down towards the Anjaneya Hills, which is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman is that the land is rather bare. With sparsely grown vegetation and huge chrome yellow boulders strewn all over, the place is a picture of rough terrain. Yet it once witnessed the turning of the sacred history of the land.   

On top of Anjaneya Hills

As you navigate your way up the constricted rocky steps the sun will filter down on you through the cracks of the huge boulders. A continuous stream of worshippers will accompany you. As you reach the top the hill opens up like a tabletop. With a simple yet colorful small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and loud prayers been recited this place feels entirely different.

View from the top

Here you will realize how strong is the faith of the people are in their beloved lord.  The resilient wind blowing fiercely will merge with the floral smell of the incense sticks. Ardently the prayers of the people will mingle with the chanting until it rises to its crescendo. 

I let the wind play with my hair

Amidst all that as your prayerful heart soars to another level and you stand there watching the panoramic view all around, you might for a moment wonder maybe he still lives on, who knows?

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