Krishnanagar – Land of Creative Clay

Artisan at work

Bend over in deep concentration his stroke of the brush on each curve of the tiny clay figurine became more and more prominent. Deftly and swiftly his hands moved over it as if caressing it with great love. With each delicate yet determined sweep, a force of life was infused into it. The exterior world was lost to this local artisan. He was one with the doll. As if with unwavering willpower slowly he brought the statuette to life. It was that real!

At a gallery

With a reputation that goes beyond geographical boundaries, this is probably the only place where such magic is possible. It is here that in the hands of expert artisans, clay modeling takes the shape of realism. This is Krishnanagar. Apparently, an unassuming town of West Bengal, India Krishnanagar, in its simplest form will allow you to escape into a world of creativity that is very unique as well as well-known throughout the world. Dolls, figures, models whatever it may be is intricate, detailed and handcrafted to perfection. The clay creativity of Krishnanagar is unparalleled.

Bengali bride and groom dolls

Walking down the lanes of Ghurni, a place famous for the artisans, every workshop, gallery or showroom you visit will leave you mesmerized. It is here that clay has its own way with those who learn the art of moulding them. Through sheer hard work and talent that is applied to a lump of clay, something as inanimate as clay becomes animated here.

Discovering Krishnanagar

So close to the city of Kolkata, Krishnanagar can be one of the best weekend getaways. The place will let you soak into the simple country life amidst the abundance of nature. Although today the place is a mere reflection of its former royal glory, it has never forgotten or will let any of its visitors forget what it is really good at clay arts.

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