Vaduz – With Wine and View

A perfect European countryside

Hop on the red toy train and hit the road!

Yes, you heard me correct. This super cute train runs on the road instead of any rail tracks, taking you around in the city of Vaduz, the capital of the 4th smallest country in Europe and 6th in the world, Liechtenstein.

Cradled between Switzerland and Austria Liechtenstein is tucked away amongst the cozy, sun-kissed alpine mountains. Ranking as is only one of the two ‘doubly land locked’ countries, that is enclosed by countries on all sides which in turn are encompassed by adjoining countries Liechtenstein forms the heart of the European continent.

A Castle from Vaduz

Here you shall discover the lush emerald mountains with medieval castles telling you stories of a perfect fairy tale. Meandering through the quiet lanes of the city you will get the true essence of a classic European countryside view. Lining on both the sides of the inclined cobbled street small cottages decorated with colorful flowers provide a charming sight. As you go farther from the city the cottages become sparse to be replaced with acres and acres of vineyard chasing the horizon.

Getting on the Red Toy Train

Here, hotels will offer you the two best things – best wine and best view. With a cool gentle wind ruffling your hair, as you sit outside on the front porch with a glass of wine in your hand you cannot help but get lost in the view. Here all you need to do is sit quietly and feel.

Back in the city one of the landmarks you must visit is the Red House. Built-in 1338 this house got its name from the dark-red color of the building. Also, if you are a sports enthusiast, Vaduz is just the place to be as the Winter Olympics is one of the main attractions of the country.

The Red House

Vaduz and in turn Liechtenstein is a tiny jewel on the crown of Europe that shines brightly yet ever so silently. The wine and view of this place will always evoke beautiful memories where you get lost only to find yourself amidst a perfect European countryside.

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