Lucerne – What makes it a modern fairy tale dreams?

The man twisted his right wrist in one swift graceful movement. Conjuring up a huge bubble with his wand. It was as big as I was. Captivated I watched the rainbow glint off its edge as it floated lazily, changing its shape in a single smooth flow.

The crowd aahed and oohed. Suddenly they broke into a cheerful clapping, encouraging the artist to make some more.

This was when my attention was caught by a small handwritten placard displayed near the artiste’s feet.

I will never forget what was written on it.

It read “I am travelling around Europe and I have no money. If you like my acts please help me to complete my journey!”

That day in Lucerne I learnt one of the greatest teachings of travelling, “Give no excuses if you want to travel.”

Lucerne is like a page straight out of your fairy tale story, glinting magically like a mirage in that rainbow bubble of the artiste.

With regal swans gliding along the edge of Lake Lucerne, where excited children can throw crumbs of bread to feed them, to the panoramic Alps sketched into a blurry bluish-green shadow melting away into the horizon, to the colorful yachts dotting the glistening lake under the canopy of the setting sun, Lucerne is indeed a fairy tale in itself.

Situated in central Switzerland, this town still contains the essence of middle age Europe. The cobbled streets criss-crossing right across the heart of the town is adorned with world famous Swiss watch shops and chocolate outlet on either side.

At a stone throw’s distance from the lake is the famous rock relief, Lion of Lucerne. Built as a memorial for the Swiss guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, this rock cut statue of the lion pierced with an arrow on his back is known as the “Dying Lion”. Secluded from the outside noise this place evokes a sense of great sorrow.

Round the corner from the lake is another must visit place for all visitors, the Chapel Bridge. Famous for being the oldest covered bridge of the world, it has stood the test of time since 1332. The bridge is unique for housing number of interior painting in triangular form near the ceiling dating back to the 17th century. Although many of them have been destroyed during a fire in 1993, you can still see the beauty that the surviving picture beholds.

A couple of steps from the bridge will take you to the buzzing railway station of Lucerne. A quick short visit is never a bad idea.

Altogether Lucerne is a compact travel deal. You can easily soak in its dreamlike fabled past and its refreshing modern lifestyle both at the same time.

Like the delicate shades of blues, pinks and golden from the artiste’s bubble, Lucerne will never fail you to believe in a fantasy!

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