Pattaya – Why it is closer to both Man and God?

View from Pattaya Beach

She is peppy. She is playful. She is popular. She is Pattaya.

Visiting Pattaya is like visiting an all-time endless fun-filled real-life amusement park. Only it is not a park but an entire city. There is never a dearth of activities here. As you soak into the thrill of Pattaya, it will give you all that you could have possibly dreamt of in your wildest dream. Pattaya will certainly leave you breathless, with her day time bar hopping and nighttime shenanigans. Pattaya is the reality of any man’s illusion.

At the Walking Street

However, this place holds secrets much deeper than you have probably heard about or would have otherwise limited yourself in experiencing. All you need to be is limitless while in Pattaya and you will be surprised beyond doubts.

Food stalls

On any given day keeping the turquoise sea on one side and the intermittent laughter emitting from the chains of pub and resto-bar that line up the Walking Street, other frenzied activities will tickle your inquisitiveness for sure. Making you curious enough to stop at the local hawkers to gaze at the titbits of merchandise or inhale deeply into the aroma of crispy fried roaches and edible scorpions as you debate within yourself about daring to try them or not.

Coral Island

On reaching Pattaya Beach you will find boats of different sizes waiting to take you to the Coral Island. Depending on your need for speed you can either select an adrenaline-pumping speed boat or a more leisurely cruising bigger tourist boats.

Separated from the mainland, at about a distance of 7kms, Coral Island is a tiny paradise in itself, drawing adventure seekers to an array of water sports and nature lovers to a panoramic beauty alike.

Prepping up for some water adventures

With its porcelain white sand beach which feels smooth beneath your feet and some sparsely grown shady trees, the island opens itself up to an endless shade of blues of the sea.

The cottony white waves curling on the crest of the gentle waves bringing in the song of the sea, you will in no time find yourself in a trance-like state. Your vision will merge with the tranquil lucidity of the place, carrying you further and further away from humanity and closer to God. Here you will know that if there could be heaven on earth probably this is it.

Coral Island – Paradise on Earth

So, inspired by man’s idea of entertainment carefully wrapped in the beguiling beauty of nature, Pattaya is both closer to the heart of man and God.

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