Pompey’s Pillar, Alexandria – Why it is stuck in Time

The juncture of two eras

Today, the city of Alexandria, has spread its gnarly fingers, encroaching upon what is left of the past. Even Pompey’s Pillar could not be saved from the onslaught of population growth and modern world progress. On your immediate visit to this place, you will find that the disjointed city’s skyline has unabashedly consumed a part of the golden era like a fast-approaching wild growth. And you cannot help but shiver in that thought.

However, not all of it is lost, for the lights of the bygone age have cast a long shadow today and it is still visible. You will notice that standing tall and with much arrogance, Pompey’s Pillar has defied time.

At Pompey’s Pillar

Alexandria could not choke the history of Pompey’s Pillar. Built between 298-302 AD, for the Roman Emperor Diocletian (and not in memory of the Roman Consul and General Gaius Pompey) this gigantic triumphal column stands with pride. Piercing the sky at a staggering height of 26.85m it is flanked by majestic sphinxes on each side. Sadly, what once used to be a part of a huge and elaborate temple compound currently has been reduced to one lone pillar and two statues.  

The lost library’s entrance

Musing in its own lost glory, standing on the mound of ruins of Temple of Serapeum, Pompey’s Pillar is delicately tethering on time. A network of passages from a long lost library still exists today beneath the debris signifying the intellectual advancement of the time. Each step you take down the library, called Sanctuary, you are actually stepping back in time when knowledge was indeed worshipped. Believed to house some very rare collection of scrolls and documents, all of which are lost now, the library could have been a missing link to many of the unsolved mysteries.

Inside the library

Standing here you are bound to feel that you are entangled in a complex mesh of time. The past and the present have ruthlessly faced the wrath of time to gift you with present day Alexandria. Today the Pillar has lost to the battle of time and carries only the memories of its rich legacy.

At the site of Pompey’s Pillar

You can hear the pages of history turning in a swift motion propelling you to a path when the brilliant minds of mankind and his potential from this part of the world had never failed to amaze the others. Pompey’s Pillar can be seen as wrapped in both yesterday and today, stuck forever until the end of time.

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