Singapore Flyer – Hop on to Slow Down

Entrance to Singapore Flyer

Sometimes we all need to slow down. Take time and look around ourselves. Singapore Flyer gives you that chance to sit back and breathe. So hop on the giant ferry wheel on your visit to Singapore and put a leash on your time! Hiyah!

From the moment you step into the cable car, you will be greeted with a view of the city like nowhere else. Elevated several meters above the ground you get to enjoy Singapore at her best. Each cable car moves so slowly that you won’t even feel it and yet with every passing second you see a little bit more of your beloved Garden City.

The Cable Car

Languidly the world will float from one frame to another, each capturing a glimpse of the ultra-modern skyline joining them perfectly like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. And just beyond the edge of the city lies the open water, sparkling under the bright sun or lit up with thousand fairy lights from the scattered boats. Here at the Singapore Flyer, time slows down to such an extent that it is miraculous, magical and magnetic all at the same time.

View from top

Like a slow-moving bioscope, you witness Singapore blooming right in front of your eyes. Each building you see has a story, each bridge connects the people and each view will leave you mesmerised. Everything appears small and tiny as if you are peeping into a doll’s house. In their minuscule form, a much larger world opens up its view to you.

City view

From your advantage point, you get to see the Garden by the Bay, the Marina Barrage, Singapore’s East Coast and if you are lucky and the sky is clear even the neighbouring islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. This clearly proves that this giant ferry wheel is no ordinary attraction. It takes you on a 360-degree spin giving you the magnificent experience of your lifetime.

Let the time slow down

Once your adventure ends on the Singapore Flyer you will be left reeling with the thought that how small each one of us really is. But then together we make up for the bigger picture.

Singapore Flyer gives you an opportunity to view the city in a leisurely manner. The one hour spent here can be stretched to eternity as you feast upon each moment, forever capturing the big portrait.

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