Sphinx – Let the Secret be…

Sphinx – What secret it beholds?

Whose face it is?

Looking into the mirror you will always have an answer. But what if you didn’t?

To everyone, he is the Great Sphinx of Giza who is buried deep into the layers of mysteries and folklores. So much so that no one knows for sure whose face it is that has been immortalized beyond the sandy graves of Sahara. When was Sphinx built? Why was it built? Is there a Hall of Knowledge inside or underneath it as claimed? Nobody knows anything for sure. A man could only be a slave to interpretations and assumptions (based on both scientific and non-scientific researches of course) as far as discovering the truth of Sphinx is concerned.

Giza – A perfect skyline

Closely guarded within him the Sphinx holds secrets of centuries which are probably better left as…(up to you to decide) However when in Egypt, let your curious mind wonder. Let questions reign your heart and mind when you set your eyes for the first time on Sphinx. As your eyes travel along with the oldest structure from the old world, let amazement behold you. Sphinx has the power to make you speechless and burst from within with joys of gratification that you lived to see your dream of visiting Egypt coming true at the same time.

Fun photography

Your visit to this mythological creature of half-lion with a head of a man (or a pharaoh or god) will leave you with more questions than ever. As a traveler, you may want to be the truth seeker but then the truth of Sphinx is yet to be discovered. The spades of excavation may have unearthed the Sphinx but it has not been successful in extracting his real story.

Sphinx at night

Caught in the time-lapse of the dawns and dusks Sphinx has survived only to be a cult in itself. And you might choose to get lost in his eternal maze of mysteries. The Great Sphinx of Giza leaves us inquisitive, enquiring and definitely questioning. And what is life if you do not have a question?

Life is curious when we are surrounded by unsolved mysteries. The fabled Great Sphinx of Giza is one of them. And thank god we do not have answers to all!

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