Trevi Fountain, Rome – Wish a Wish

The Trevi Fountain

Throw one coin and you shall return. Throw two and you shall return to fall in love. Throw three and you shall return, find the love of your life and marry. With each coin, you come a little closer to your romantic dream. And who does not love to fall in love?

Not that there are many wishing wells in the world but the idea of a wishing well has been around for a really long time. Folklore has it that if you throw a coin in one of these wells your wish will be fulfilled. And one such wishing well exists exclusively for love and it is the Trevi Fountain of Rome.

Busy street leading to the fountain

Snuggled between an intersection of three heavily swarming streets Trevi Fountain is a wonder to behold. You won’t see it immediately but as you take a turn on one of the streets suddenly the stunning white structure of the fountain will make you haltingly come to a stop. The unbelievably detailed stone structures of the Greek ocean God, Oceanus with seahorses and mermen, Tritons are a masterpiece. The pristine blue of the water adds up to the striking beauty of the fountain. This ancient water duct constructed around 19 BC will make you fall in love with the place immediately.

Greek God of Ocean – Oceanus

Despite the crowd that surrounds the place, when you hold the coin and close your eyes the world comes to a pause. After all, you are wishing for your deepest desire. Not necessarily that it will be love but whatever it is, this is the time when Oceanus is surely hearing your prayer.

With each coin you throw knowingly or unknowingly you are destined to some charity. A deed done to fulfill your dream results in fulfilling a less fortunate person’s dream. Be assured this will ultimately bring you a step closer to yours.

Wishing a wish

We are all born to dream. Consciously or unconsciously our brain is so wired that we are thinking of those dreams. And the power of wishing something is such that with or without throwing a coin one day they do come true. All you have to do is believe.

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