Uncle Ho – Who?

Ho Chi Minh’s Stilt House

Who was Uncle Ho?

He stood fearlessly in the eye of the storm named Vietnam War. He dared to lead his people when his country was falling apart. Although the cries of the war were heard echoing far and wide, this man’s voice was heard loud and clear over the din like a beacon in the dark. And his men diligently followed. A true He is Uncle Ho, none other than one of the greatest leaders that the world has seen, Ho Chi Minh.

Presidential Palace

All across Vietnam, particularly in the city of Hanoi, the name of Ho Chi Minh is still recalled with lots of love and respect. He was not only a politician and later the President but a revolutionary who believed that nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

Much of your time in Hanoi will be spent discovering how this man single-handedly contributed to raising a nation from the ashes of the wars. From his opulent Presidential Palace where he conducted stately business to his humble Stilt House where he resided, all speaks of a man of purpose.

Museum on Presidential Palace’s ground

Even after his death, Uncle Ho continues to inspire Vietnam and the world alike. His death wish of being cremated was largely ignored by his ardent followers and four years after his death in 1969, his countrymen were ultimately able to gift him the immortality that he even when alive never sorted after. A mausoleum was made to honor the man who drove the entire nation to justice and freedom.

At Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

As you enter the dimly lit mausoleum under the close observation of the white-dressed guards of honor you will feel both intimidated and humble at the same time. Walking down the edge of the large room your eyes will be fixated on the fragile figure held in the protective glass box right in the middle. Immaculately dressed in formal attire he, at last, rests in peace. With his face illuminated under the warm golden glow clearly showing you his facial features. His white tuft of chin beards, wrinkly skin and a pair of closed eyes, he peacefully sleeps eternally until a great leader is again called for.

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