Vatican – Where you meet your True Creator

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

What are your prayers?

They are nothing but fragments of your deepest expressions. And Vatican is the place where your prayers linger in the air like some invisible snowflakes, drizzling silently down the great ornate dome towards the One who is waiting to listen to you.

The Egyptian Obelisk

Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican is not about any singular religion or faith; it is more about you and your creator coming together in the land of holiness. This place will leave you emotional and speechless.  You may enter Saint Peter’s as a tourist but you will leave as a person who has either found some answer or have more questions than when you entered. And it is nothing wrong to have questions here for someday they do get answered.

Vatican has always brought out the curiosity of man. Carefully hiding the untold and unheard secrets for centuries you can never have enough of the Vatican. The One who is listening to your prayers will make sure to leave you with a burning desire to come back.

Nearer to Thee

At a conscious level, you may be visiting your Creator but at a much deeper level, you are facing yourself. Just like looking at oneself in a mirror, the Vatican will make you dive deep within yourself. Even in crowd, this place has a haunting peace that will calm your nerves.

In the cobbled courtyard of the St. Peter’s Square, you cannot miss the Egyptian Obelisk that stands majestically right in the middle. Under the watchful eyes of the 140 Saint statues as you walk up the flight of stairs you will know for sure this is one place where God exists on earth.

Michelangelo’s sculpture – Pieta, symbolizing compassion

Guided by the great masterpieces of the Renaissance period you will be taking a memorable walk under the most coveted canopy of immortal paintings.  As your human mind tries to make sense of all treasures that surround you, you will realise that by now you had been holding your breath on several occasions since the time of your entry.  The Vatican does have such an effect on everyone.

Immortal paintings on the inside of the Dome

With each step you take towards the Peter’s Baldachin or the bronze sculpted canopy of the Saint Peter that stands regally at the end of the hallway you will feel a flower blossoming from within. The inside of you will tenderly peel away layer by layer until you are exposed beautifully from inside out in front of the One and only. And then you shall see your true self.

Peter’s Baldachin

When your trip around Saint Peter’s come to an end (which never actually happens, for no matter what, you shall leave a part of you here forever), sit somewhere quietly, gather your thoughts and with the tolling of the bell in the background ask yourself have your prayer been answered?

And always you will hear one word ‘Yes’! Reverberating from inside you for in the Vatican you have at last met your true Creator – Yourself.

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